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In the USA it is known as Bigfoot, or Sasquatch. In Tibet and the Himalayas, it is known as the Yeti. No matter where in the world, the legendary creature is surrounded in a veil of mystery. Other than its lingering rotten stench, odd footprint and distant high pitched screams there is very little evidence that these legendary creatures exist, or is there?

How can these mythical creatures be so adept at not being seen, caught, and photographed?

The Himalayan natives claim this is due to their supernatural speed and agility. In addition to this, they are rumoured to have a heightened sense for when humans are around. Not only that, but they have been theorized to have other supernatural abilities. Locals say that they can only be seen when they are extremely ill, old, or dying.

But where did these mythical creatures come from? Were they created or did they evolve? Some have even theorized that the Yeti was a Nazi experiment. This is due to the fact that there have been Nazi items recovered which seem to resemble a taxidermy bear-human mash-up. It is rumoured that Hitler and Himmler had an extreme fascination with the paranormal, so much so that a mission was ordered in the late 1930’s to the Himalayas to investigate the Yeti.

However, these claims are a little fanciful to say the least and don’t explain the origins of Bigfoot or the Yeti. Bigfoot or Sasquatch is strongly associated with the American Pacific Northwest, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia areas of the USA. One of the first mentions of huge footprints that were later attributed to the legendary creature was in a small northern Californian newspaper in the USA in the early 1970’s when a road construction crew discovered huge 16 inch-long human-like footprints in the ground. From that day, the moniker Bigfoot was born and the Bigfoot / Sasquatch legend became part of American public conscience.

An article from the Express newspaper as recently as 2018 claims STUNNING new evidence which proves the existence of Bigfoot has been found in the US wilderness, a sasquatch hunter claims.  And in April of this year, the Indian Army claims to have found Yeti footprints in a mountain region some 12 miles from Mount Everest. Whichever way you look at it, circumstantial evidence for the creature’s existence simply won’t go away.

But evidence and footprints of the mythical creature actually stretch back hundreds of years. Don’t believe me? Well check out ex police officer-turned Bigfoot and missing people investigator, David Paulides, who has published a new book called, Bigfoot Wild Men and Giants. The books is a 449-page table-top compilation of news articles describing sightings, and other evidence of hairy bipeds and giant skeletons that were located in mounds and graves between the years 1680-1923! Literally hundreds of news articles can be found on the mythical creature, or wild man, stretching back hundreds of years. Paulide’s official website can be found here.

However, in Himalayan folklore it is said that the Yeti dates back much further than this. It is so embedded in their culture that they claim Yetis are older than humanity. Folklore or fact, it is true that many missing persons and damaged property has been blamed on the Yeti.

David Paulides is also known for publishing the Missing 411. If you get spooked easily, don’t even consider reading his books or watching his documentaries. He has investigated hundreds of people, children, hikers and hunters that have gone missing from America’s National Parks. Some have vanished and never been found, whilst others have vanished and inexplicably turned up miles from where they were without any explanation or memory. Paulides uses profiling when investigating these missing people, with specific criteria applied to their disappearance so that people who have gone missing /deceased from obvious causes, such as accidents, animal attacks, mentally ill and suicide victims are not even considered. The explanation for their disappearances is truly inexplicable….

Our curiosity in Bigfoot, and perhaps unknown entities that might be lurking in the American and Himalayan wilderness will go unanswered whilst the creature’s almost magical ability to stay hidden, alludes us.

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