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THE SPHINX IS an iconic Egyptian monument. It has a long history of curious surroundings, but what if I told you that similar structures to the Egyptian monuments may have been found on Mars? Photographs captured by the Mars Global Surveyor and Viking Lander of the Cydonia region of Mars depict structures on the Martian surface eerily similar to those found in Egypt. The anomalies have sparked huge controversy as you might imagine – conspiracy theorists are having a field day. It is speculated that the Sphinx’s origins date much farther back than the timeline generally suggested by some archaeologists. This is evidenced by the fact that the erosion on the Sphinx seems to be primarily caused by water. However the amount of rainfall required for the weathering seen does not match the climate which existed during the time archaeologists suggest, which is approximately 2500 BC. At this time the area was already desert and had little rainfall. This suggests that the monument is much older – but how old could it be?

In addition to this, there is a plate on the Sphinx which states that it was created during the ‘First Time’. The ‘First Time’ refers to the time in Egyptian history when the Gods walked with humans. We all know what Von Daniken’s views are on this – Could these Gods possibly be alien visitors to Earth? This period, if accurate, would date the Sphinx to around 36, 400 BC instead.

One thing is for sure, there is compelling scientific evidence to suggest the Sphinx was built around 10,000 years ago, the last time there was sufficient water in the area to cause the erosion seen on the monument.

Could ancient aliens have given the Egyptians gifts of technological knolwedge, helping them build the incredible monuments that still stand to this day? This theory is also supported by some of the hieroglyphs, half human half animal hybrids and objects that look distinctly like flying saucers depicted in ancient Egyptian articles. Not only in Egypt, but on wall paintings found elsewhere and in many forms of works of art.

Could there be a connection between the monuments of ancient Egypt, and the objects that might exist on Mars, not to mention some strange anomalies now also being discovered on the Moon. One man who worked for the NSA, who was involved in studying the first images sent back from the moon, prior to the Apollo missions has gone on record and confirmed that he saw what appeared to be a base on the far side of the moon.... fiction or fantasy? You decide. Click on KARL WOLFE to hear his incredible story.

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